During my career I worked with multiple people and media, thanks to which I can educate people how to healthy exercise. I wrote two articles for magazine Forbes and many other articles for other magazines or radios. You can read about all my projects focused on particular healthy exercises down below on this page.


I wrote multiple articles for magazine Forbes about practice and motivation of a sportsman.

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Český rozhlas

I was adressed by Český rozhlas, for which i did daily morning exercises and a healthy lifestyle consueling. We made a lot of videos, that may help you begin to work out better and more effectively and care of your body.

Illustration of radio warm up with Marek:


Along with my colleague we wanted to show people how to work out better and more effectively. It’s about basic principles, which people do mostly wrong or don’t even know how. As an example correct breathing into the stomach or more effective warm up, thanks to which people can start to feel their body and warm up it correctly.


In this on-line course we will teach you handy exercises, which you can use at home and at work. We will show you, how to sit properly, exercises and stand without pain. We use veryfied method, which will teach you how to use deep muscles and helps with stability of body.