For companies

Seminars and lectures

A lot of people spend a big part of the day in the office, even life, so I want to offer you how to spend this time more efficently and healthier. I will teach you how to actively spend time at work without backpain. I will show you the techniques of physiotherapy, even when sitting at the PC, thanks to which you can tighten the torso, especially the abdominal muscles and the deep stabilization systém, which is very important for proper posture. Many people suffer from backpain, servical spine and other complications. I will show you how to prevent or improve these problems.

I offer different kinds of packages for companion that focus on:

- Removing backpain

- Improving body posture

- How to feel better and healthy

- Exercise right on your workplace

How to equip your gym or hall

As a part of our cooperation, I can help you equip and build a gym that is tailored to your needs. I work with suppliers who will ensure everything and bring them directly to you. I advise how to exercise with the machines and create a plan for everyone. My goal is your maximum satisfaction.