„You can be rich, smart or successful, but you still suffer from back pain. You’ve got a chance to feel better, so let‘s start to work out.“

Marek Dawidko

What have inspired you to sport?

I didn’t have any idol as most of other trainers, nobody forced me to do sport, but exercise simply makes me very happy. I’m delighted if others find charm of exercise and healthy lifestyle.

When did you start to care about working out?

While studying a sport managment college, I cared of work out and the issues of inappropriate work out, which shows on back pain. That’s why I focused on studying of rehabilitation and compensation exercise, which helps to remove one-sided load and supports spine mobility.

When did you start with coaching and physiotherapy?

Since the year 2008 I work as a physiofitness trainer, which concludes both physiotherapy and classic workout and I focus on removing back pain as a compensation trainer.

Where do you work at and where can we find you?

I work in Center of Motion Medicine Prof. Pavel Kolář, where we focus mainly on health and rehabilitation work out. Besides I was invited by Český rozhlas, for which I was daily preparing morning exercises and healthy lifestyle counseling.

On which projects have you cooperate on?

I cooperated with magazine Forbes, where i was writing articles about sport and healthy lifestyle. With my colleague we filmed instructial videos for company Seduo named – „Stop back pain once and for all“.

What can you help or advise me about?

I can help you equip homemade or a corporate gym, make a tailored work out schedule, I will on-line train you and help how to workout healthy and effectively. Last but not least I hold lectures and trainings in companies, where we discuss problematics of healthy lifestyle, removing a back pain and how to feel better at workplace.

My goal is your maximum satisfaction.