For Individuals

Physiofitness and compensation

My main focus goes to physiofitness, which is merge of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and classic exercise. Next i specialize on compensation exercise to remove one-sided load. This exercise is being used primarly by tenists, golf playrs and all people who suffer from one-sises overload..


Backpain and headache usually comes from wrong poise in the non-consolidation oft he so-called deepest muscles. This exercise is ideal for those, who don’t want or can’t workout normally. It’s a method, where exercise focuses on strengthening the hull, stabilizing blades, shoulders and hips. Thanks to this kind of exercise you can remove medical issues like lumbar pain, cervival spine, headaches and other ailments.

Rehabilitation exercise according to DNS method – exercise is being lead by physiotherapist

The exercise is based on physiotherapists recommended method called Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), which uses development series of Prof. Pavel Kolář. We can fill medical exercise with classic workout, but in the begginings only with control of a trainer to evade injury.

We can currently focus together on:

- Conditional exercise

- Improvement dynamics

- Compensation exercise

- Compensation exercise

How to equip homemade gym

I can help you build and equip your tailored gym in terms of our cooperation. I cooperate with suppliers, that will take care of everything and will bring your equipment right to you. I will show you how each machine works and will build a tailored planfor everyone. My goal is your maximum satisfaction.

Online workout with Marek – package

How it works:

1. First meeting, where we explain whats the plan going to look like.

2. Agree on opening hour and half, where we make a daignosis of your body. Look on first 3-5 exercises, depending on your fitness, which you will practice in first three weeks on your own.

3. Exercises can be used either at home or in gym.

4. You will get exercises described on video so you can exercise everything correctly.

5. We can connect anytime in our month long on-line cooperation.

6. At the end of month we will meet up in gym to recapitulate everything.

7. In case of your satisfaction, we can repeat the proces in the next month, where i will show you new 3-5 exercises and we can continue forever.

Advantages of on-line package:

- Time flexibility, you can exercise anytime you want

- You can exercise daily, either at home or in gym

- No need for complicated negotiations with trainer

- On-line consultations of your needs


Personal trainer for a month – package

How it works:

1. First meeting, where we meet to talk about your movement ability, which sports you do, what are your health issues, how do you eat and what your work and sport week looks like.

2. We look on our goals and timetable.

3. Depending on our first meeting we look on our monthly goals, schedule and timetable, which will be composed of negotiated sports, food and exercise.

4. Exercise will be scheduled on your time possibilities.

5. You will put every single workout cycle to a diary.

6. Also an offer of nutritional recommendations.

7. All will be writen and given to you on a flash disk.

8. We will talk about everything in our metting at gym.

9. We can connect anytime during this month and consultate.

10. At the end of this month we will meet and we will evaluate your monthly plan.

11. We can make a plan for next four, six or eight weeks.

Personal trainer package includes:

- Filling an opening survey.

- Exercise with Marek for 4x60 minutes in gym for example.

- Nutritional recommendations.

- Tailored training plan for 4 weeks.

- On-line consultations in case of needs.

- Consultation and evaluatating of the month cycle for 30 minutes.